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Quality Control - Raw material testing
Our quality testing department will conduct strict inspection on the purchased aluminum and copper rods , and after their being tested qualified, issuing quality test record and putting them into warehouse for subsequent use, otherwise, the materials will be labeled as unqualified and be tested again, if still unqualified, they will be send back.
Quality Control - Production process testing
When cable production work starts, production of different cables is required or when there is an adjustment of production techniques, there will be an inspection work by the operators, and after all these processes are tested and qualified, the testers will complete a record on initial product inspection based on relevant testing procedures, while if initial inspection tested unqualified, there will be a reworking or remanufacturing until they are qualified, then, the products can be produced in large quantities after being confirmed and signed by testers. After the products are completed in each process, they will be inspected in the inspection-waiting area for testing and can be put into the next process after being inspected and qualified.
Quality Control - Finished products testing
The finished wire and cable products will be tested in appearance by the packaging personnel and will be sent to the quality inspection department by special inspectors to have batch sample inspection based on complete and qualified special inspection records.