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All Aluminum Stranded Conductor AAC 50mm2 19 Wire Stranded

All Aluminum Stranded Conductor AAC 50mm2 DIN 48201 Part 5

Nominal Area: 50mm2

Number of Stranded: 19

Conductor Material: All Aluminum Conductor

Standard: DIN 48201 Part 5

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AAC Conductor 50mm2 19 Wire Stranded Application

AAC conductor is also known as aluminum stranded conductor which areusedinurbanareas where spans are usually short but high conductivity is required andareincommonuse on overhead lines for in low, medium and high voltage. The excellent corrosionresistance of aluminium has made AAC a conductor of choice in coastal areas.Althoughaluminium-to-copper connections can be made, it is better to use aluminiumconductorsfor service connections, as various forms of covered cable are availablefor thispurpose.

AAC Conductor 50mm2 19 Wire 19 Wire Stranded Standard

Basic design to DIN 48201 Part 5-Aluminium stranded conductors

AAC Conductor 50mm2 19 Wire Stranded Construction

Concentric lay stranded Aluminium Conductor ( AAC) is manufactured from electrolytically refined aluminium with a minimum purity of 99.7%. and made up of one or more strands of hard drawn 1350 aluminum alloy
AAC Poppy Conductor

Nominal Area (mm2): 50
Calculate Area (mm2) 48.35
Stranding: 19
Diameter Individual Wire Aluminum (mm): 1.80
Overall Diameter (O.D.) (mm): 9.0
Weight Per 1000 Meters (kg): 133
Rated Strength (KN): 8.45
Resistance DC 20°C Per 1000 Meters (Ω): 0.5951
Allowable Ampacity  (Amps): 166
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