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H07Z1-U Wire

450/750V Halogen-free Electric Wire H07Z1-U

Conductor: Copper

Insulation: Halogen-free thermoplastic polyolefin

Voltage: 450/750V

Package: 100 meters one roll

Email: manager@hdcable.com.cn

H07Z1-U Wire Application

Used for installations which have an high presence of pipes, embedded installations or closed similar sistems. They are suitable for fixed and protected installations in luminaires, interrupting devices and control equipment up to 1000 V alternating current and up to 750 V in direct current .
These cables are suitable for construction works who are subject to prescription to fire reaction, bundles installations in places at increased risk, for high density of crowding, for high time for displacement or for high risk to animals and things as per CEI 64-8, due to the reaction to fire classe Cca-s1b, d1, a1.
Not permitted: the direct or the indirect istallation, the exterior one or in wet environments, the not protected one and the under plaster one.

H07Z1-U Wire Standard

These cables stand out due to their improved properties against fire since they comply with the non-fire propagation test according to UNE-EN 60332, EN 60332 e IEC 60332.

 H07Z1-K Wire Construction

h07z1-k wire structure
1. Conductor
Rigid electrolytic copper conductor (Class I) according to BS EN 60228:2005 (previously BS6360) and EN 60228.

2. Insulation
Halogen-free thermoplastic polyolefin, type TI-7 in compliance with UNE-EN 50363-7, EN 50363-7.
Working voltage: 450/750v
Test voltage: 2000 / 2500 volts
Flexing bending radius: 15 x Ø
Static bending radius: 10 x Ø
Flexing temperature: +5º C to +90º C
Short circuit temperature: +250º C
Flame retardant: IEC 60332.1
Smoke density acc. to EN 50268 / IEC 61034
Corrosiveness of combustion gases acc. to EN 50267-2-2, IEC 60754-2
Flame test: flame-retardant acc. to EN 50265-2-1, IEC 60332.1
 Nominal Cross Sectional Area Nominal Thickness of Insulation Nominal Overall Diameter Nominal CopperWeight Nominal Weight Resistance
at 20 °C
mm² mm mm kg/km kg/km Ω·km
1 x 1.5 0.7 2.7 14.4 20 12.1
1 x 2.5 0.8 3.3 24 30 7.41
1 x 4 0.8 3.8 38 45 4.61
1 x 6 0.8 4.3 58 65 3.08
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