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Flame Retardant Cable and Fire Resistant Cable

 There are also many divisions of cables. For example, there is one called flame-retardant cable, and the other called fire-resistant cable. What are they of them? What is the difference between flame-retardant cables and fire-resistant cables?

1. What is a flame retardant cable?

Flame Retardant Cable Definition

The general method used for flame-retardant cables is to add halogen-containing halides and metal oxides to the sheath material, which can prevent or delay the occurrence or spread of flames in the event of a fire.

Flame Retardant Cable Features

1. 1. Low toxicity

The insulation and sheath of the new flame-retardant cable do not contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium that are harmful to the human body and will not pollute soil and water sources during cable use and disposal. And you can use it with confidence.

2. Halogen-free

The new environmentally friendly flame retardant cable uses a green insulating layer and a special oxygen barrier material, which has good electrical properties, physical and mechanical properties, and the product does not contain halogen, which effectively solves the "secondary pollution" in combustion. It is of great help to air and personal safety.

3. High flame retardancy

Environmentally friendly cables can fully guarantee the building requirements for high fire protection requirements. In the event of a fire, the cable is not easy to burn, and the flame-retardant cable can prevent the burning flame, effectively controlling the spread of the fire and the loss and personal safety.

4. High transmittance

When the cable burns, it does not produce a lot of smoke like other cables when it burns, which is more conducive to the evacuation of personnel and the execution of firefighting. The light transmittance of its products is greater than 50%. Compared with the light transmittance of traditional flame-retardant cables of less than 20%, the new flame-retardant cables have more advantages.

5. No corrosive gas

The new type of cable uses a new type of special coating material, which has no pollution to the environment and does not produce harmful or toxic gases during its production and use, and it emits very little acid gas during combustion. It is more environmentally friendly and reliable.

6. Easy installation and operation

The new flame-retardant cable is more convenient during use, and the installation operation is simpler and faster.

Fire Resistant Cable

What are the differences between fire-resistant cables and flame-retardant cables?

1. Different raw materials: The material of the flame-retardant cable is mainly flame-retardant raw materials, and its outer layer is a flame-retardant sheath, and its fillers are all flame-retardant materials. The fire-resistant cable is composed of a conductor and an insulating layer, and one fire-resistant layer is added to the cable.

2. The principle is different: the flame retardant cable is mainly produced by the flame retardant effect of the halogen material, so that the temperature can be lowered by the water outlet, and the purpose of flame extinguishing can be achieved. The fire-resistant cable uses a mica material. According to the performance of this material, it has the characteristics of fire resistance and heat resistance, so it can prolong the use time in the event of a fire.

3. Different characteristics: The characteristic of flame-retardant cables is that they may be burned out and cannot be operated under fire conditions, but they can prevent the spread of fire, and fire-resistant cables can still maintain the normal operation of the line for a period of time under burning conditions.

Fire Resistant Cable

 Which is better, flame retardant cable or fire resistant cable

The characteristic of flame retardant cable is to delay the spread of flame along the cable so that the fire will not expand. Because of its low cost, it is a cable variety widely used in fireproof cables. Whether it is a single cable or a bunch of laying conditions, the spread of the flame can be controlled within a certain range when the cable burns, so it can avoid major disasters caused by fire and delay, thereby improving the fire protection level of the cable line.

The fire-resistant cable can maintain normal operation for a certain period of time under the condition of flame burning and can maintain the integrity of the line. When the fire-resistant cable is burned, the amount of acid gas smoke is less, and the fire-resistant and flame-retardant performance is greatly improved. Especially when burning, accompanied by water spray and mechanical blow, the cable can still maintain the complete operation of the line.

When the fire-resistant cable is burning, the cable line can still maintain normal operation for a certain period of time. This is the fundamental reason why the fire-resistant cable can replace the flame-retardant cable, but the flame-retardant cable cannot replace the fire-resistant cable.

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