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ABC Cable,One Aerial Bundle Type Overhead Line

 1. What is abc cable ?

Abc cable also referred to aerial bundled cables or aerial bundled conductors. ABC Cables are several phase conductors insulated and tightly bundled together with bare neutral conductor for use in overhead power lines. It utilizes the same principles as used for bundled conductors, but are much closer together and each one, except the neutral line, is surrounded by a layer of insulation. This is in direct contrast to the traditional use of uninsulated conductors which are separated by air gaps.


2. Is abc cable copper or aluminum core?

ABC Aerial bundled cable conductors have both aluminum and copper cores. The aluminum core application is more in the distribution network, mainly because aluminum is lighter and cheaper. The wire connections and support parts' requirements are low. The original distribution wire to the steel-core aluminum stranded wire is the aluminums cable's primary choice to facilitate the connection with the original network. So aluminum wire is better in practice


 Low voltage abc cable 

ABC Cable Aluminum Aerial Bundle Cables NFC 33 209 AL XLPE 0.6/1kv

ABC Cable Aluminum Aerial Bundle Cables BS 7870-5 AL XLPE 0.6/1kV

ABC Cable Aluminum Aerial Bundle Cables DES/LVC-IEC 60502 AL XLPE 0.6/1kV 

ABC Cable Aluminum Aerial Bundle Cables IEC 60502-TNB AL PE 0.6/1kV 

ABC Cable Aluminum Aerial Bundle Cables HD 626 S1 AL XLPE 0.6/1kV


Medium voltage abc cable 

6.35/11kV Screened MV ABC Cable–Aerial Bundled Cables to IEC 60502
6.35/11kV Screened MV ABC Cable–Aerial Bundled Cables to AS/NZS 3599.1  
6.35/11kV & 12.7/22kV Non Screened MV ABC Cable Aerial Bundled Cables to AS/NZS 3599.1
12.7/22kV Screened MV ABC Cable–Aerial Bundled Cables to AS/NZS 3599.1  
19/33kV Screened MV ABC Cable–Aerial Bundled Cables to IEC 60502


Service Drop Cable 

Cable Duplex Aluminum Conductor Overhead Service Drop Line 600V

Cable Triplex Aluminum Conductor Overhead Service Drop Cable Wire 600V

Cable Quadruplex Aluminum Conductor Overhead Service Drop Cable Wire 600V


3.Where abc cable used ?

Areas with many trees.

For lines erected with bare wires, in road sections with many trees, the erection and maintenance of lines often have great conflicts with greening and forestry. The use of abc aerial bundle cables can reduce tree felling (in the initial stage of installation and operation and maintenance), solve many problems including reduce conflicts with greening and forestry departments, protect the ecological environment, beautify the city, and reduce line grounding faults.


Areas with a lot of metal dust and pollution

In old industrial areas, metal processing enterprises often have metal dust flying in the wind due to environmental protection failure. In the polluted areas of thermal power plants and chemical plants, short circuits and ground faults will occur in the lines erected by bare wires. The use of abc aerial bundle cable is a better way to prevent short-circuit grounding of 10kV distribution lines.

 Salt spray areas

Salt spray causes serious corrosion to bare conductors, which greatly reduces the tensile strength of bare conductors. In case of wind and rain, the wire will break, causing short circuit and grounding accidents, and shortening the service life of the line. The use of abc aerial bundle cables can better prevent salt spray corrosion. Due to the protection of the insulating layer, it can reduce the corrosion of the wire by salt spray, delay the aging of the line, and prolong the service life of the line

Areas with more lightning

Abc aerial bundle cables have a layer of insulating protection layer, which can reduce the line lightning. Even if there is lightning, the impact will be much less. In minefields; for lines erected with bare wires, the insulation of the lines usually drops rapidly, and sudden grounding accidents often occur. After adopting overhead insulated conductors, downtime due to grounding accidents can be reduced.

Typhoon areas

Since the lines erected with bare conductors have poor typhoon resistance, the lines will trip one after another when typhoons come. However, after the overhead insulated wire is used, the instantaneous contact of the wire will not cause a short circuit, which reduces faults and greatly improves the typhoon resistance of the line.

4. What is the advantage of abc cable ?

–They are safer and more reliable;
– They are cheaper and more aesthetic;
– They are less labor intensive and require less maintenance;
– They require less pruning and tree clearing;
– They eliminate the risk of bush fires initiated by conductor clashing and fallen trees;
– Simultaneous disconnection of all conductors eliminates potentially dangerous fault conditions when overhead power lines are broken by fallen trees or high vehicles.
– They are less susceptible to vandalism and loss through theft.
It provides a higher level of safety in difficult terrain including forest areas, coastal areas, and hilly areas. In climates with a high level of moisture accelerated tree growth becomes a significant problem increasing the risk of bush fires. If aerial bundled conductors are touched by tree branches they will not arc over. There are many types of abc cable, but their application is the same.

5. What is the disadvantage of abc cable ?

•The insulation layer of ABC cable can sometimes become a source of damage.  Due to sun exposure after long time, the insulation of abc cable degrades and causing certain problems.
•ABC cables are unsuitable for places, where tree falling or branches is a routine. As it can cause line breaks and damage the insulation.
•Over time, ABC cables can cause ground fires due to line breakages.
•As these cables are somehow heavy, therefore you can’t use them for longer spans without poles. Because of its weight, these cables need more poles that too on shorter spans.
•In hilly domains, the repairing of ABC cables is a lengthy and burdensome task. The main reason behind this is the heavyweight of these cables because of which they need specialized equipment for repair.

ABC aerial bundle cable is a better line than ordinary bare conductor , and it is better applied to the power distribution environment. Henan Hongda Cable Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on the design, manufacture and sales of abc aerial bundle cables. The above-mentioned abc cables are one of our products. If you have any needs, welcome your inquiry.
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